FKC beginnings

Industrias Metalurgicas FKC S.A, leader in the manufacture of synchronized rings and provider of automotive terminals, has developed its own technology that allows it to forge any type of part in non-ferrous materials, with tolerances of 0.05mm.
Design its machine tools, develops its tooling and control devices, establishing its own standards for the production of raw materials.

It supplies 80% of the local market, exporting its rings to the world. It has its roots in the year, 1958 with the denomination of Ind. Metal. Fortaleza S.R.L. until 1968 in which it acquired its current name. It is one of the few companies worldwide that has its own technology for the production of synchronizer rings and is in full expansion to increasingly reaffirm its presence in the global market.
With the support of test benches, testing machines; quality control laboratory, which supports and guarantees the quality of its products. Incorporating Industry 4.0 technologies to constantly stay at the forefront of technology and thus be able to compete worldwide.


Being a leading company in the international market for our quality, service, excellence, efficiency; incorporating new methodologies and technologies, adapting to market demands.


Manufacture and provide quality products and services. Grow together with our collaborators, suppliers and customers. Working to care for the environment in all its production processes. Being a company valued by society and a benchmark for it.


Transparency. Honesty. Loyalty. Human warmth.